Adopt Srebrenica





As an idea and initiative, ADOPT is a response to need for bringing together people who share common values and vision of Srebrenica. It is a solid proof that there are still people contributing to community, without ignoring the past. Acknowledgement that there are still people putting superhuman effort to overcome everyday challenges they are faced with. Those aware of souls still being healed from recent sufferings, those on the constant quest of searching for the strains of humanity inside ourselves, little things that essentialy make as who we are, as humans.

ADOPT Srebrenica, as an informal group, started its journey in the year of 2015, after an international award "Alexander Langer" was presented to Irfanka Pašagić, MD - one of the leading activists, at the time.

Initial goals were inter-cultural dialog, preserving the remembrance, non-violent conflict management with main focus on younger generations, being put tight between the burden of what happend in Srebrenica and an immense effort of looking forward to common future.

International Network for Srebrenica - constituted mainly of friendly organizations and institutions from Italy, together with the Alexander Langer Foudation, has given the support for registering actual organization with the official name "ADOPT Srebrenica" - founded in june 2016.